tips to stay focused during exams

Are you preparing hard with full determination to achieve your target still unable to fight with dwindling concentration?. Does it seem hard for you to bring your focus back to studies again & again? Then, this article is for you.
Time has come to learn how to overcome with lack of concentration because an unfocused mind cannot excel in life. Thus, ” Starve your distraction. Feed your focus”.

Before discussing the remedies, let us first decode the reasons for losing focus.
Reasons why we encounter a lack of focus:

1. Social media Distractions: Use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp is the reason for suffering from a lack of focus. Sometimes is so difficult to get the rhythm back.

2. Laziness: Besing lazy to do some necessary tasks will leave you in a disastrous situation.\

3. Cramming: When you try to mug up everything in a very short time of the exam. This is bad for concentration. This practice makes you feel that you won’t be able to study everything in time.

4. Lack of motivation: If you feel less motivated towards your goal, you will lose your focus drift away from the target.

Now let’s unplug the 8 powerful tips to keep you focused:

1. Follow a healthy routine: “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. As we know that to achieve success in such difficult competitive exams, you should possess a healthy mind. So, follow a routine. Stick to the wake-up & sleep time, your meals, breaks, study time everything should be in a routine.

2. Set timers: Yes, believe it. Deadlines play like magic while chasing your dreams. It is said,” Deadlines are the ultimate inspiration”. Thus, for each of your small or big tasks, set a deadline. These will keep you pushing your limits and help in keeping focused.

3. Eat Healthily: Food makes us. You are what you eat. Thus, eat right. Stick to fruits, salads, fresh juices, cereals, porridge and do avoid junk and heavy oily food. Heavy food is an enemy of concentration. you may feel drowsy. Furthermore, you may feel depressed. It is highly recommended for having the right kind of food.

4. Use Video lectures & online guidance: We are blessed to be a part of this information era. Whenever you get stuck, just go online. Online guidance will give you the driving force. Online video lectures are convenient & help you in getting the most difficult concepts more easily.

5. Take short breaks: Short breaks do wonder. It is essential to take 10-15 minutes to break in between studies. This will keep you going and help you in focusing on your goal. However, make sure that these breaks should not exceed more than 20 minutes, or else you will end up losing the pace of your studies.

6. Exercise & meditate: Start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation. Exercise regularly. You will feel energized. Meditation is the best way to find focus.

7. Find time for your hobby: Everyone has some hobby. It is difficult to find time in the stress of your exam. But, better time management will solve your problem. Whether it is music or reading or playing, take out half an hour for whatever you love to do in the free time. Believe us, it will help you to complete your tasks within the defined time and thus help you keep concentrate.

8. Take a power nap: Study for competitive exam is tiring as well as boring too. Take a power nap for 15-20 minutes will give you immense energy to be back for studies.

Stay focused, Keep Going!!!

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