Daily Current Affairs 15th October, 2016

Daily Current Affairs 15th October, 2016

World Student Day: October 15

  • Abdul Kalam’s birthday is observed as World Student Day by United Nations Organization annually.
  • About APJ Abdul kalam He is highly respected as a scientist and as a great personality.
  • He was one of the pioneers of India’s first space launch-vehicle program at ISRO.
  • Kalam was recipient of Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna.
  • Wings of Fire: An Autobiography , first published in English, has been translated into 13 languages including French and Chinese.
  • Sworn in on 25 July, 2002, Kalam became 11th President of India, succeeding KR Narayanan. For his simple and humble attitude, he was affectionately known as the ‘People’s President. 

Ajay Kumar Bhalla appointed as DG of Directorate General of Foreign Trade 

  • He has been appointed to the post in place of Anup Wadhawan, who has been appointed as additional secretary in the commerce ministry.

About Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)

  • The DGFT is the nodal agency of the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, responsible for execution of the import and export Policies of India.
  • It is entrusted with responsibilities for formulating and implementing the foreign trade policy with the main objective of promoting India’s exports.
  • DGFT plays a very important role in the development of trading relations with various other nations.
  • It also plays important role in improving not only the economic growth but also provides a certain impetus needed in the trade industry.

International Day of Rural Women: October 15 

  • 2016 Theme: “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too” 

Why International Day of Rural Women is celebrated?

  • Rural women, make up over a quarter of the total world population. Majority of them depend on natural resources and agriculture for their livelihood.
  • In developing countries, rural women represent approximately 43{be19e8fcc7081f751eba9e03bd22e904e5cf3e86733381e655a03b1ab7839769} of the agricultural labour force. They produce, prepare and process much of the food available, thereby giving them primary responsibility for food security.
  • Thus it is important to recognise the contribution and significant role played by these rural women in food security and poverty elevation.
  • It is also necessary for ensuring rural women’s access to productive agricultural resources contributes to decreasing world hunger and poverty.
  • Background: The first International Day of Rural Women was observed on 15 October 2008. The day was constituted by the UN General Assembly by passing resolution 62/136 in December 2007. 

Virat Kohli as brand ambassador

  • India has signed up India Test captain Virat Kohli as its ambassador in Valcoline Cummins it is the world’s first and most enduring lubricant brand.
  • Virat Kohli will be the face of Valvoline engine oils and lubricants range.

PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Shaurya Smarak on 14th oct 2016 in Bhopal

  • ‘Shaurya Smarak’, the war memorial in the capital of Madhya Pradesh
  • It is India`s first underground war memorial 

China, Bangladesh ink 26 agreements

  • Bangladesh and China on 14 October 2016 signed 26 agreements
    focused areas are infrastructure, energy and power, agriculture, ICT and transportation
  • Bangladesh and China have agreed to elevate their bilateral relations to “strategic partnership” 

 One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Initiative

OBOR initiative is China’s ambitious development strategy and framework focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily between China and rest of Eurasia. It consists of two main components, the land-based “Silk Road Economic Belt” (SREB) and oceangoing 21st Century “Maritime Silk Road (MSR). OBOR initiative part of China’s revived 21st century Silk Road diplomacy that seeks to push it to take a bigger role in global affairs as a major global power

 Indian-origin scientist Kirtiraj Kundlik Gaikwad, won young scientist award in US

  • Works in the Department of Packaging
  • Award name is the prestigious IAFP Young scientist scholarship award.
  • Awarded for “development of novel oxygen absorbing package in the field of active packaging for oxygen sensitive food products”.

Mizoram’s Pachuau declared India’s oldest working journalist

  • The Mizoram government and the Mizoram Journalists’ Association declared Lalbiakthanga Pachuau as the “oldest working journalist in the country”.
  • The 90-year-old former soldier is the editor of ‘Zoram Tlangau’, a Mizo daily, started by him in 1970.

India decided to eliminate potent greenhouse gas HFC-23 by 2030

  • India on 14 October 2016 announced its decision to eliminate the HCF-23 gas.
  • The announcement was made by Minister of State Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Anil Dave at Kigali, Rwanda, at a meeting of parties to the Montreal Protocol, where final negotiations are taking place to substantially reduce the use of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) by 2030.

Key Facts

  • The elimination will potentially check emissions of HFC-23 equivalent to 100 million tonnes of CO2 over the next 15 years. I
  • Indian companies will not be compensated for the costs involved in ensuring that these gases are not released.
  • This move is considered as a major break away from the concept of financial assistance for every action on environment in which India earlier had shown the lead.

About HFC-23

  • HFC-23 is a by-product of HCFC-22 (Hydrochloroflurocarbon-22), which is used in industrial refrigeration.
  • Global warming potential of 14,800 times more than that of CO2. 

About Montreal Protocol

  • The Montreal Protocol, is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer.
  • It came into force in 1989.
  • Aims at reducing the production and consumption of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in order to protect the earth’s fragile ozone layer.
  • Ratified by 197 parties making it universally ratified protocol in United Nations history.
  • It is also highly successful international arrangement, as it has phased-out more than 95{be19e8fcc7081f751eba9e03bd22e904e5cf3e86733381e655a03b1ab7839769} of the ODS so far in its main mandate less than 30 years of its existence

Safe Motherhood Week starts in Uttar Pradesh

  • In Uttar Pradesh, the Safe Motherhood Week is being observed from 14 October to 21 October 2016.
  • The main aim of the ‘Safe Motherhood Week’ is to decrease the ‘Mother Mortality Rate’ (MMR) and ‘Infant Mortality Rate’ (IMR).
  • The campaign being run under National Health Mission.
  • It is Goal 5 under UN`s Millennium Development Programme
Maternal Mortality Rate Infant Mortality Rate
Defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management but not from accidental or incidental causes.


Infant mortality refers to deaths of young children, typically those less than one year of age
Maternal mortality ratio (MMR): the ratio of the number of maternal deaths during a given time period per 100,000 live births during the same time-period.

The MMR is used as a measure of the quality of a health care system.

It is measured by the infant mortality rate (IMR), which is the number of deaths of children under one year of age per 1000 live births.

Union Government to use post offices to distribute pulses

  • The Union Government has decided to utilise the vast network of post offices across the country to sell subsidised pulses.
  • The decision was taken during the meeting of the inter-ministerial committee on prices of essential commodities headed by Consumer Affairs Secretary.

The committee reviewed

  • The availability and prices of essential commodities, especially pulses.
  • The prices of pulses, sugar and other essential commodities.
  • The committee decided to release more gram (chana) from buffer stock to ensure its availability through retail distribution at reasonable prices during the festive season.

Why post offices will distribute pulses?

  • To ensure that there is no shortage of the pulses during the ongoing festival season.
  • The postal networks will fill the gap of absence of government outlets in the States for the distribution of pulses, mainly, tur, urad and chana.
  • Help government to leverage strong network of around 1.54 lakh post offices in the country, of which 1.39 lakh are in rural areas.
  • Help government to release more pulses from buffer stock and sell it at subsidised prices to protect consumers from high prices.
  • In order to protect consumers from high prices, Central Government has been releasing tur and urad from its buffer stocks to state governments as well as government agencies like NAFED and Mother Dairy for retail distribution at a subsidised rate.

About post offices in India

  • Even though postal services existed in India, The East India Company took constructive steps to improve the existing systems in India when, in 1688, they opened a post office in Bombay followed by similar ones in Calcutta and Madras.
  • Lord Clive further expanded the services in 1766.
  • In 1774 Warren Hastingsmade the services available to the general public
  • Presently the postal service is under the Department of Posts, which is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India.

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