Daily Current Affairs 8th September, 2016

DAILY CURRENT AFFAIRS – 8th September, 2016

  1. Surge pricing on key trains from 09.09.2016 :
  • Applicable on Rajdhani, Duronto & Shatabadi trains
  • Not applicable to IAC & Executive class coaches
  • Surge pricing – The base fares of tickets will increase with the increasing demand
  • Also called “flexi – fare” system
  • Usually followed in case of Airlines
  1. Supreme court ordered to publish FIRs on police or govt. Website within 24 hours :
  • To uphold the right of an accused
  • To keep a check on the authority of police &ensure transparency in police work
  • Extension upto 48 or maximum 72 hours in areas in areas of limited internet access
  • Exempted cases –
  • Insurgency
  • Child abuse
  • Sexual offences
  • Terrorism
  1. Kalikho Pul remembered in Arunachal assembly :
  • Former Chief minister
  • Died on August 9
  1. Rainwater Harvesting in Delhi :
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting systems at flyovers & many office buildings
  • Delhi also called “city of flyovers” with more than 70 flyovers
  • Delhi development authority (DDA) taking this step
  • Appointment of Project manager as the Nodal officer
  • Rainwater harvesting – technique for collecting, storing and using rainwater for various purposes
  1. Swapan Mukherjee passes away :
  • Senior CPI-ML (Liberation leader)
  • Died in Chandigarh due to heart attack
  1. Improvement in child sex ratio in Gautam budh nagar, Noida :
  • Sex Ratio – Of female babies born per 1000 male babies
  • Was 845 from april to Sep 2015
  • Now increased to 884 from April to July 2016
  1. Onam Celebration at govt. Level in Kerala :
  • Titled as “Kaadu Onam”
  • For 11 hamlets tribes
  • Inside Chinar wildlife sanctuary under the Munnar Wildlife division
  • About Chinnar wildlife sanctuary –
  • In Ldukki Distict of Kerala
  • Covered under protected areas of Kerala
  • Established in August 1984
  1. Nobel Prize series to be held in India for 5 years :
  • Trilateral Agreement signed between Dept. Of Biotechnology, Gujarat Govt. , and Nobel Media
  • Ist to be held in Gujarat in January 2017
  • To stimulate the creative thinking & engagement of students of science
  1. Agreements at National Convention Centre between India and Japan :
  • Between both Prime Ministers Mr. Narendra Modi & Shinzo Abe
  • In the areas of –
  • Counter terrorism
  • Civil Nuclear Cooperation
  • Trade and Investment
  • Modi visited Laotian capital to attend ASEAN –India and he east asia Summits
  • 2017 will be 60th anniversary of the Japan – India cultural agreement
  • About Japan –
  • Capital – Tokyo
  • Currency – Japanese Yen
  1. Reality Mobile game – “Pokemon Go” banned :
  • Notice to Niantic Inc. – US based Software Company (developer of Game)
  • Grounds – Offends the religious sentiments of Hindus & Jains and threatens National Security
  1. Stop on Reprint of Bipan Chandra”s book :
  • Stop on Reprinting of the book – “Communalism – A Primer
  • By the Scholars of India and abroad
  • Earlier, sale and publication of Bipan Chandra’s book “India’s struggle for independence” was stopped because it called Bhagat Singh a “revolutionary terrorist”
  1. Prime Minister to visit Sri lanka in May 2017 :
  • To inaugurate and attend an event there which will be held around Vesak Festival (Budhhist celebration)
  • In march 2015, Mr. Modi marked 1st bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister in 28 years
  • Also, became 1st Indian Prime Minister to visit Jaffnain the island’s Tamil majority Northern Province
  1. Zika Virus may spread through tears :
  • Symptoms – fever , and a rash for most people
  • Infection could be transferred by touching contaminated tears
  • Eyes could be reservoir for Zika Virus
  • Pregnant women who catch it will give birth to babies with Microcephaly
  • Microcephaly – a deformation marked by abnormally small brains and heads
  • Eye diseases among babies such as inflammation of optic nerve, retinal damage or blindness
  • Adults- can caus conjunctivitis (also called Pink – Eye)
  • Uveitis– in which parts of eyes become inflamed

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