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How to prepare for Bank PO Exam-2020

If you are an aspirant of a bank PO exam in the year 2020, you must be on your toes in terms of your preparations as all the banks have released their notifications.
Banking has always been a very promising sector. It is considered to be secure as well as a good payment sector. Moreover, banks are creating jobs exponentially.
Now if you have plans to crack Bank PO exam this year, you should keep a few things in your mind:

1. Know your syllabus: Each bank has a different syllabus. Please go through the syllabus of the one you are appearing for. Make a list of it topic-wise.

2. Plan your study time: You have to plan your study time whether you are taking any coaching or you are self-studying. Get stick to it. you have to devote 10-12 hours of dedicated study.

3.Make real plans: You cannot prepare in just a day. So get real and be practical. You need at least 5-6 months of very hard work. Keep this in mind to avoid stress.

4.Join Test Series: Yes, this is a real breakthrough. You can join the online/offline test series as per your choice but do remember, Online test series always saves your time and money. Moreover, You should attempt a test only when you are at a halfway through that means you have covered half syllabus. Meanwhile, you can take the topic-wise assessment test. Give as many tests as you can and all the things would be found settled in a frame themselves.

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5.Attempt all the exams: Yes, you should appear for all the exams irrespective of the number of vacancies or the posts offered.

6. Believe yourself: If you think you can do it, you can definitely do it. So, believe in yourself and keep motivating yourself.

7. Use Online resources: The Internet is an ocean of information and knowledge. Stay updated but don’t waste your time on it. Make time for useful resources like e-books, tutorials related to the topics, free Mockups and many more. This will take your confidence to the next level.

8.Practice and practice more: This you have to make your habit. Don’t leave a topic untouched but as you reach the exam date, Stop taking new topics. You have to practice in such a way that you cannot attempt any wrong answer.

9.Read Newspapers: You have to keep 45 min daily to read your newspapers. Make notes out of it.

10. Revise: Keep 1-2 days in a month to revise whatever you have learned that month. Revision makes you perfect.

Hope this article will help you in achieving success.
All the Best!!

In our next article, we will learn about what we should do/don’t in our examination hall.
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