The exam date of CDS (i)-2020 which is scheduled on 02/02/2020 is just around the corner. It is an obvious thing that you must have gone through the syllabus wisely. But last month smart hacks and tips would get you the most out of your limited time. You need to smartly schedule your revision.
We, here at Vedantainstitute would like to share some tips for your last month’s preparation.

1.Remember, time is the real money: Make the best out of it.

2.Don’t start any new topic from scratch: as it will affect your confidence & preparation badly. Whatever is done till now needs your attention.

3.Plan your study time & do stick on it: If you make so many plans but never follow them, just leave this gesture right now. Proper & smart planning will lay the foundation for your success.

4.Plan your day: keep your study time to 8-10 hrs.

5.Take a good and proper sleep: Sometimes we are so tensed that we ignore our rest hours. This will ruin your health & preparations both. Please do take proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily. you can also take a nap of 30-40 minutes in the afternoon. Believe me, it does wonder.

6.Now it’s time to plan your week: You have planned your study time to 8-10 hours. Divide that time into 3 slots to cover Mathematics, English, General knowledge daily.

1st Week:
Mathematics: Numbers, H.C.F. & L.C.M., Divisibility Rules, Sequence & Series, Square & Square roots, Cube & Cube roots, Average, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Fraction, polynomial Linear & quadratic equations.

English: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verbs, Adverbs, Preposition, Conjunction

G.K.: Ancient civilizations, dynasties, Buddhism, Jainism, Mughal Empire, Lodhi dynasty, Indian constitution-It’s formation, Solar System, Volcanoes, Soils, Basics of Economy, GDP, NDP, NNP.

2nd Week:
Mathematics: Height & Distance, Problem on Ages, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Profit & Loss, Discounts, Time & work, inequalities, Time, Speed & Distance, Logarithms, Data Insufficiency.

English: Articles, Sentences, Sentence correction, Idioms & Phrases, Error spotting, Tenses, one-word substitutions.

G.K.: President, vice-President, Indian judiciary, vector & scalar quantities, Basics of Forces, cohesion, Adhesion, Surface area, optics, Structure of Atoms, Noble Gases, pH value, Metals & Non-metals, ores, Alloys, Metallurgy,1857 revolution, National Freedom movement, Human Body (DNA, RNA, Glands, etc), Diseases & their cause.

3rd Week:
Mathematics: Cover maximum left out syllabus like Circles, Triangles, Polygons, Lines, Mensuration(2D & 3D both), Data Handling

English: Practise Comprehension, revise all grammar concepts, Do practice previous years question papers.

G.K.: Try to cover all the left out topics this week only like electricity, Magnetism, Heat light & energy, Sound, Carbon & its compounds, Nuclear fission & fusion, Plants & Animals, Panchayati Raj, etc. Cover the whole syllabus in this week.

4th Week: (Main week)

Mathematics: Trigonometry. Now as the whole syllabus is revised just focus on solving the previous 10 years question papers.

English: Revise & practise previous 10 years question papers, grammar rules.

G.K.: This week all your emphasis should be on current affairs( past 5-5 months). Revise & practice the previous 10 years question papers.

Apart from this schedule, It is recommended that you should take any good online test series to assess your performance.
You can also enroll with us.
Now, you are all set for your Exam.
Best Wishes.


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