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Vedanta Institute provides the Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh & Online test Series for NDA  The institute helps the aspirants to  gain entry into prestigious Defense Establishment as commissioned officers in Indian Army.
The Union Public Service Commission conducts this exam for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA and for Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). The candidates Joining Indian Naval Academy would undergo 4 years B.Tech Course and would be given an opportunity to join Executive and Technical Branches of the Navy subject to availability of vacancies.
NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

Top NDA Coaching Center In Chandigarh- Setting Your Dreams In The Right Direction

Vedanta Institute strives to put forward the ultimate coaching for aspirants who are willing to clear the UPSC NDA examination. Every inch of the nation is covered by the twice-yearly UPSC NDA Written test. Only a small number of applicants actually participate in the NDA written exam out of the lakhs who take the exams. For all applicants looking for Chandigarh UPSC NDA coaching classes, Vedanta Institute is the go-to place.

We substantially realize the aim and objectives of the candidates willing to clear this prestigious exam. Being in this area of offering the best possible NDA coaching, we boast the best training instructors who make sure to let students excel. And, we shall always push ourselves to stand at the top in the league of the best NDA coaching institutes in Chandigarh.
Our Mission:- At Vedanta, our focal aim is to feed the hungry aspirants with the righteous training, resources, skills, and confidence that is required to efficiently clear the NDA exam. We were, we are, and we shall continue to light the flame of doing something extraordinary every time within the souls of our aspiring youth.
Our Vision:-  Build your world & set a glory- This is our vision. We want every striving child to meet their ultimate goal and live with their heads held high. Undoubtedly, this requires the fueling of correct guidance, determined will, and constant motivation. And, Vedanta is right next to you for every small/big need.

A Brief Information About the NDA Exam Coaching!

To serve the country fearlessly and courageously demands guts. The NDA is the most reputable and alluring industry. But in order to join the military, one must succeed in the NDA written exam. They have the option to join the Army, Navy, or Air Force after passing the exam.
The number of NDA aspirants is constantly increasing year after year. For both exams, candidates must be scoring at least 0.25 or a quarter of a point. With this, the overall threshold can be between 35 and 40 percent. This has made the way to success a little more challenging for the aspirants. However, we at Vedanta Institute are endeavoring to construct an easy path with all our resources, faculty, and required skills incorporated with the zeal to give our best. The consistent zeal to outstand in every vertical is what mounted success on us and established our position as Chandigarh, India’s top NDA Coaching Center.
On each exam, candidates must get at least a quarter of a point. The overall threshold can be between 35 and 40 percent. The analysis we offer on this at Vedanta Institute has contributed to our position as Chandigarh, India’s top NDA coaching center.

Tips to crack NDA written exam

1. At Vedanta, we first take you on a trip to thoroughly discuss the syllabus for the NDA exam.
2. Next, we make you go through the righteous study materials which are required for the core preparation of the NDA exam.
3. Narrowing down to the study part, at Vedanta, we cover the whole NCERT books first, in class 11th and 12th. This is more than sufficient for the NDA Written Exam.
4. Further, we make you solve the previous year’s question papers, as this will increase your aptitude and confidence for the coming NDA exam.
5. Once you feel that you have solved enough previous year’s papers, we then move to the Mock Test Series. By joining this, you are escalating towards a more robust examination preparation. At Vedanta, our faculty sets the best-possible questionnaire for the students to boost their self-esteem and stand still to whatever comes their way during the exam.
6. Following the tests, we analyze your weak points, where you lack, where improvements could be done, etc. This will further head to one-step closer to your ultimate goal.
7. Lastly, our faculty sees the best 3-4 subjects which can make you flair in the exam. After assessing all your tests, your overall performance, and the core subjects to study are decided.
All in all, Vedanta Institute leaves no room for any doubt, uncertainty, or anything that sweeps your NDA dream away from you. With the determination to make you flaunt & fair, we renounce ourselves as the Top NDA Coaching Center in Chandigarh.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA - NDA Coaching in Chandigarh

For Army wing of NDA: You should have passed class 12th examination.
For Air Force and Naval Wings of NDA: You should have passed class 12th examination with Physics and Mathematics.


Subject Maximum Marks Duration No. of Questions
Elementary Mathematics 300 2.5 hours 120
General Ability
(Includes : English and General Knowledge)
600 2.5 Hours 150


Mathematics English Geography History
Algebra Spotting Errors The Earth, its shape and size Forces shaping the modern world;
Calculus Comprehension Ocean Currents and Tides
Atmosphere and its composition
Matrices and
Selecting Words Latitudes and Longitudes Exploration and Discovery;
Integral Calculus
and Differential Equations
Ordering of Words
in a Sentence
Temperature and Atmospheric
Pressure, Planetary Winds,
A broad survey of
Indian History, with emphasis
on Culture and Civilisation
Trigonometry Sentence Improvement Cyclones, and Anticyclones;
Humidity; Condensation and
Freedom Movement in India
Vector Algebra Antonyms Concept of time French Revolution,
Industrial Revolution,
and Russian Revolution
Analytical Geometry Of
Two and Three Dimension
Synonyms Types of Climate War of American Independence,
Statistics and Probability International Date Line Impact of Science and
Technology on Society
Major Natural Regions of the World Elementary study of Indian
Constitution and Administration
Movements of Earth and their effects Concept of one World
Regional Geography of India Elementary knowledge of
Five Year Plans of India
Climate, Natural vegetation.
Mineral and Power resources;
United Nations,
Location and distribution
of agricultural and Industrial activities
Origin of Earth.
Rocks and their classification
Panchayati Raj
Important Sea ports and
main sea, land, and air
routes of India
Role of India in the present world
Weathering—Mechanical and
Chemical, Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Co-operatives and
Community Development
Main items of Imports
and Exports of India
Bhoodan, Sarvodaya,


Undoubtedly, there are many coaching institutes for NDA, however, none can match the type of study, skills, resources, and guidance extended by Vedanta. We are your all-inclusive solution for every kind of need.
The NDA exam is difficult because, to move further, candidates must pass a written test with a wide-ranging syllabus, a psychological aptitude test, and an intelligence test. Candidates must be in good physical condition to be considered for final admission.
It goes without saying that if you’re preparing for the NDA exam, you should study 11th and 12th-grade math, physics, chemistry, and English. If you have a class 12 grade of at least 80%, you are qualified to take part in the NDA SSB interview. However, this is not enough. There has been some extra preparation which can be thoroughly addressed by Vedanta Faculty. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to even the smallest aspects of NDA Coaching.
Some of the best tips and tricks to crack NDA in 9 days are:
1. Utilize time management skills.
2. Provide equal time for each subject.
3. English is one of the easier subjects and is where you can get the best.
4. To answer as many questions as you can improve your English preparedness.
5. Try to answer as many of the questions from the prior year as you can for greater practice.
6. Mock Tests, which are practice exams, are another option that is provided by several universities.
7. Read the newspaper for daily news.
8. The remaining books that make up the course can be purchased separately.
9. Working through at least five sample papers can help you completely prepare for each subject.
Though for some self-study in itself is enough, that may sound sufficient only for a written exam. When it comes to SSB coaching, then a proper schedule with the backing of strong guidance like Vedanta is crucial. At Vedanta, you can have the liberty of owning every type of resource that might help you in cracking down the exam effectively.
Vedanta Institute. We have enough confidence in ourselves that we boast the best faculty, resources, study material, infrastructure, and more, that in a child will sprout the best version of themselves. With everything crucial, Vedanta as the Best NDA Coaching in Chandigarh After 10th ascertains that there is no void in the exam preparation and that every child excels, both before and after the exam.