AAVEDANTA INSTITUTE is BEST known for its CAPF (AC) test series. AAVEDANTA INSTITUTE have been running it in many years and as always, this time we have come up with test series keeping the UPSC CAPF 2019 in mind.

With the request of the children and the advice of R & D Expert, we will also give updated notes with Sectional Test which will give you everything in one place and no topic remains untouched. In just 70 days with the help of this test series, Syllabus Will end and 2000+ questions will also be practiced.

Paper 2 has also made some changes, it has been divided into sections so that the children can practice well and take good marks in the paper.

CAPF 2018 paper came from 70{be19e8fcc7081f751eba9e03bd22e904e5cf3e86733381e655a03b1ab7839769} to 80{be19e8fcc7081f751eba9e03bd22e904e5cf3e86733381e655a03b1ab7839769} of our test series

Total 35 Test(PAPER I & PAPER II) -3200

· 15 Test -Paper I – 2000

· 20 Test – Paper II – 1500

· Test Mode: offline

· Format : Pdf (via email)

· Study Material – 3000



Paper 1


Test 1– Geography 23rd MAY.

. PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY – General Geography( Longitude and Latitude, Solar system ), Geomorphology – Origin of the earth, interior of Earth, Types of Rocks and Characteristics of rocks, earth quake and volcanoes, Landforms, Climatology – Composition and structure of atmosphere, solar radiation, heat balance and temperature, Atmospheric circulation, Water in Atmosphere, World climate, vegetation and climate change, Oceanography – Relief, temperature, salinity of the ocean, coral Reef and Atolls, Ocean Deposits, ocean currents, waves and tides.

. INDIAN GEOGRAPHY – India – Size and location, physical features of India(Passes), Drainage(power projects, dams), Climate of India, Natural Vegetation and Wild life( map based – National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Wild life sanctuaries), Census, Map – Physical and Political

Test 2 - HISTORY 27th May

. ANCIENT – Indus valley Civilization, The vedic Age, Religious movements of Mahajanapada age, The Mauryan Empire , The Sangam Age, The Gupta Age, Post Gupta Era

. MEDIEVAL – The Sultanate of Delhi, Provincial Kingdom, Religious Movement, The Mughal Empire, The Maratha Empire, Emergency of European Powers.

. MODERN – Tribal and Peasant Uprisings, Governor – general and viceroys, Development of Modern Education and press, Revolt of 1857, Social and Religious Movements, Growth of nationalism and struggle for independence (1885 – 1919), Struggle for independence Second Phase ( 1919-1927), Struggle for independence Third Phase(1927-39), Struggle for independence Fourth Phase(1940-47), Religion and Philosophy, Music, dance, Theatre and Festival, Indian Architecture and Painting Schools

Test 3 - INDIAN POLITY – 31st May

. INDIAN POLITY (31st May) Constitutional Framework- Historical Background and Making of constitution, Salient Features, Preamble, Part I to IVA, Constitutional Amendment, System of Government – Parliamentary and Federal System, Centre and state relations, Central Government – President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Parliament, SC & HC, State and local Government, Constitutional and non constitutional Bodies,

Test 4 - GENERAL SCIENCE – 4th June

. PHYSICS – Unit & measurement ,motion , force , circular motion , gravitation , work, power & energy , surface tension , viscosity , elasticity (Recent development), Heat, Waves, Sound, Light, Working Of Instruments, Electricity, Magnetism, Modern Physics. (Recent Development)

. CHEMISTRY – Matter, atomic structure, periodic table, chemical bonding, oxidation and reduction, acid and bases, solutions, Behaviour of gases, electrolysis, carbon and its compound, hydrocarbons, plastics and polymers, water, metal, non-metal and metallurgy, important elements and its compound, man-made products.

. BIOLOGY– living and non- living, cell-basic unit of life, dna, rna, gene therapy , bacteria and viruses, cell division ,tissues in plants and animals, reproduction in plants and animals, nutrition in plants and animal, human systems , common and recent outbreak of diseases ,some important facts about biology, branches of science


FULL LENGTH – 10 TEST – (12th JUNe TO 27th JULY)

Test 6- 12th June

Test 7 -17th June

Test 8 -22th June

Test 9 - 27th June

Test 10 -2nd July

Test 11 -7th July

Test 12 -12th July

Test 13 -17rd July

Test 14 -22nd July

Test 15 - 27th July

5 Essays + 3 Paragraph + 2 Comprehension and précis + 2 report writing and grammar10 Test (1st June to 13th July)

5 Essays (1st June to 5th June)

1st June –Test 1

2nd June – Test 2

3rd June - Test 3

4th June - Test 4

5th June – Test 5

3 Paragraph (7th June to 9th June)

7th June – Test 6

8th June – Test 7

9th June - Test 8

2 report writing and Grammar – 12th June to 13th June

12th June – Test 9

13th June – Test 10

FULL LENGTH TEST Paper 2( 15th June to 30th July)

TEST 11 - 15th June

TEST 12 - 20thJune

TEST 13 - 25th June

TEST 14 - 30th June

TEST 15 - 5th July

TEST 16 - 10thJuly

TEST 17 - 15th July

TEST 18 - 20rdJuly

TEST 19 - 25thJuly

TEST 20 - 30th July

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